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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day

Some call him Santa Claus, which is Santa=Saint and Claus is short for Nicklaus. Today (Dec 6th) Saint Nicholas, a Bishop of Myra, visits families around the world with the spirit of giving. He fills your shoes or stockings with delightful goodies, which may include chocolate, oranges and coins. He comes today, because Christmas Day is reserved for celebrating Jesus' Birthday! He comes from up north, in the realms of Heaven! Bearing gifts for the children who believe in him so dearly and follow in his footsteps of kindness and charity.

Saint Nicholas Day

The week before Saint Nicholas comes, we write our PETITIONS to ST. NICK. (instead of letters to Santa). He can intercede for us with our prayers, because a saint is about our connection to God not fulfilling our material desires. This fulfills our handwriting and spelling for the week!

 And we love to visit Saint Nicholas, usually at our parish. It may be helpful to tell your St. Nick/Santa that you celebrate with stockings on Dec 6th, so when the kids say "Thanks for the gift" or "We're excited for you to come" that they're not asking for Christmas Day gifts.

St. Nick is let in our home with a SPECIAL KEY hung outside our door. He tiptoes where the stockings are hung and all are sleeping. He leaves us a candy treat, like St Nicholas Coins, candy cane and a small gift. Some families like to put their shoes outside instead, and that's okay too.

Saint Nicholas Day
Saint Nicholas Day
Saint Nicholas Day

What can you do on Saint Nicholas Day?
* You might like my Mini Stocking Directions for activities, advent calendar, etc
* That morning, open your stockings and have a special brunch or breakfast. We change it up every year. [Catholic Cuisine ideas here]
*Blessing of the Candy Canes (Pinterest)
Saint Nicholas Day Blessing of Candy Canes

Gracious God,
In the spirit of Saint Nicholas we turn to you and ask for your blessing on these candy canes. May their flavor sweeten our hearts with compassion and kindness. May their shape remind us to be shepherds of grace and generosity. May their bright colors attune us to the delightful sights and sounds of this sacred season. Inspire us to be like Saint Nicholas, who brought comfort and jo to children and their families.  We ask this in the name of the Holy Child, Jesus, whose coming we await with anticipation and love.

*Make St. Nicholas Crafts like this one with wood tongue depressers, or paint him on a wood peg doll!

*Put up your Advent Calendar if you haven't already!

*Host a Jesse Tea Party


* Read more online or in a book about St. Nicholas

* Watch Veggie Tales St. Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving

Read old posts about our traditions
* Homegrown Catholics: St. Nicholas Day Traditions
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