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Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity


Have a special day with your children on St. Patrick's Day! There is a plethora of resources online, but here are some of my favorites. Why on earth would I make up any more of my own with so many to choose from?!


Homegrown Catholics: St. Patrick's Day Activities


Hide gold coins around the house for children to find - with the intention that they have to clean up as they go! :)



Pin the Shamrock on Saint Patrick


St Patricks DaySt Patricks Day

Celebrate with an Irish Party - Green and Rainbows

and maybe some Corned Beef & Cabbage?

St Patricks Day

Food Fun

St Patricks DaySt Patricks Day

St Patricks Day


Other Ideas from…

Catholic Mom: St. Patricks Day Resources

Catholic Icing: St. Patrick's Day Activities & Crafts

Homeschool Classroom: St. Patricks's Day Resources

HotChalk Lesson Plans: St. Patricks Day School Lessons (Art, Math, Science…)

Spoonful: St. Patricks Day Crafts


st-patricks-placemat-craft by Spoonful

Shamrock and Rainbow Placemats




Homegrown Catholics: St. Patrick's Day Activities

Catholic Icing: Shamrock Trinity Craft (all "Trinity" activities on CI)



Young children connect best with God the Father as our creator. There are so many lessons about creation and Genesis, I suggest starting there.



With Palm Sunday the following week, I suggest this lesson on Palm Sunday for a lesson about Jesus.

Ministry to Children: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Crafts on Pinterest, my favorite being the Hosanna Palms from Mustard Seeds' blog



During Lent, we are preparing our souls to be worthy of Christ's Mercy. "Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit" I would suggest a lesson plan on the Holy Spirit: Our Life, His Home.

Ministry to Children: 4 Lessons Plans on the Holy Spirit

Wonderfully Made CD by Rob Evans, The Donut Man (includes "Our Body is a Temple" song)

You Tube: MelSoulTree's This Body is a Temple song


St Patricks Day

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