Homegrown Catholics is an excellent resource for religious education teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. Here you'll see all my lesson plans and project ideas on many Catholic subjects as well as school topics. If you would like to read about my adventures as a Home Educator, click on the St. Brigid's Academy tab above.

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations


The Homeschool Experiment, a Novel
Charity Hawkins (Paperback)

Catholic Education: Homeward Bound - Useful Guide to Catholic Home Schooling
Kimberly Hahn, Mary Hasson (Paperback - Feb 1, 1996)

Haystack Full of Needles, A Catholic Home Educator's Guide to Socialization
Alice Gunther (Perfect Paperback - Jul 14, 2008)

Catholic Homeschool Companion
Maureen Wittmann, Rachel Mackson (Paperback - Feb 1, 2006)


The Temperament God Gave Your Kids: Motivate, Discipline, and Love Your Children
Art Bennett, Laraine Bennett (Paperback - Feb 17, 2012)


The Domestic Church: Room by Room
Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle (Paperback - Apr 29, 2011)

Please Don't Drink the Holy Water!
Susie Lloyd (Paperback - Sep 1, 2004)
Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids
Susie Lloyd (Paperback - Mar 15, 2009)
Homegrown Faith: Nurturing Your Catholic Family
Heidi Bratton (Paperback - Aug 1, 2011)

Courageous Love

The Love Dare

We're On a Mission from God: The Generation X Guide to John Paul II, The Catholic Church and the Real Meaning of Life
Mary Beth Bonacci (Paperback - Mar 1996)

Did Adam & Eve Have Bellybuttons...And 199 other questions from Catholic Teenagers
Matthew J. Pinto (Paperback - Jan 2, 1998)

College Apologetics
Rev. Anthony Alexander (Paperback - Jan 1, 2009)
The Science of God: The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom
Gerald L. Schroeder (Paperback - Jun 16, 2009)

LIFE SKILLS (Sex Education Alternatives)
All Things Girl Leader's Guide
Teresa Tomeo, Molly Miller, Cops Monica (Paperback - Jan 5, 2009)
All Things Girl: Friends, Boys, and Getting Along
Teresa Tomeo, Cheryl Dickow (Paperback - Aug 8, 2008)

All Things Girl: Girls Rock!
Teresa Tomeo, Cheryl Dickow (Paperback - Oct 1, 2008)
All Things Girl: Modern and Modest
Teresa Tomeo, Cheryl Dickow (Paperback - Nov 17, 2008)

All Things Girl: Mind Your Manners
Teresa Tomeo, Cheryl Dickow (Paperback - Jan 5, 2009)
All Things Girl: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...What is Beauty, After All?
Teresa Tomeo, Cheryl Dickow (Paperback - Sep 19, 2008)

All Things Girl: Truth for Teens
Teresa Tomeo, Cheryl Dickow (Paperback - Aug 20, 2009)
All Things Girl Journal
Teresa Tomeo, Molly Miller, Monica Cops (Paperback - Sep 1, 2008)

I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Study Guide
Joshua Harris (Paperback - Apr 1, 2003)
Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship
Joshua Harris (Paperback - Jul 26, 2005)

Real Love: The Ultimate Dating, Marriage and Sex Question Book
Mary Beth Bonacci (Paperback - Sep 1, 1996)

Sewing With Saint Anne
Alice Cantrell (Spiral-bound - May 1, 2002)
Tea & Cake with the Saints
Alice Cantrell (Spiral-bound - Sep 20, 2007)

The Dangerous Book for Boys
Conn Iggulden, Hal Iggulden (Hardcover - Apr 24, 2012)

The Daring Book for Girls
Andrea J. Buchanan, Miriam Peskowitz (Hardcover - Mar 27, 2012)

Devotional Stories for Little Folks
Nancy Nicholson (Paperback - Jan 1, 2002)

Bigger Stories for Little Folks
Nancy Nicholson (Paperback)
The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton
(Perfect Paperback - Oct 26, 2007)

The Father Brown Reader II: More Stories from Chesterton
Nancy Carpentier Brown (Perfect Paperback - Nov 10, 2010)

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