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Our Forever Tree Monthly Display

The FOREVER TREE. This is a place in your home, perhaps a wall sticker tree like ours, where you have your countdown calendar for almost any occasion. We use it for family vacations, holidays and more. You might find this particular tree stick-on at Menards or Target.

*All Our Forever Tree posts from 2007-2014

JAN: Winter Frosted Tree - crochet snowflakes to hang.
FEB: Tree of Love - A Countdown to Valentine's Day
MAR: Tree of the Holy Trinity
APR: Buckets of Grace (write drops for each graced action) or Deadly Sins vs. Virtue
LENT:  The Jesus Tree - A Countdown to Lent (Printable in ColorBnW)
LENT: Pray-Fast-Alms Cards
EASTER:  Easter Tree - A Countdown to Easter
MAY: Countdown to last day of school!
JUNE: Blossoming Summer Vacation Tree - Summer activity ideas
JULY: [Karen's Patriotic Tree - Great for 50 States Countdown to Independence Day]
AUG: Fruits of the Spirit
SEP: Tree of Knowledge
OCT: Countdown to All Saints Day  (Saints Facts Sheets)
NOV: Tree of Thanksgiving
DEC: Advent Countdown to Christmas

*Countdown to a Vacation
 - Disney Vacation: Number Cards (Print map or disney image on back, cut cards, piece like a puzzle)

*Countdown to Moving  and  Moving Truck Printout

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