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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Suncatchers and Silouhettes

Child Friendly Stained Glass Art
  Have old frames around? Let your children create one of a kind stained glass images to hang in your home or give as a gift. The aluminum foil backing reflects light through it as if it were a window.
St. Joseph and Jesus by Stanley
Mary and Infant Jesus by Mikayla

1. Make a line drawing, choose a coloring page, or pick from below and print. Any words must be a mirror image (flipped).
2. Put drawing under glass of a picture frame. Trace on top of glass with black permanent marker (above left) or leading paint (above right).
3. Color in with other permanent marker colors (above left) or with glass paints/markers (above right). Dry.
4. Turn over and put in frame. Put a piece of aluminum foil behind the picture. Close frame.

Toddler Friendly Suncatcher
101_7361 Stained Glass Cross
1. Cut out a large piece of Clear Contact (tape-like) paper. Remove wax sheet and have sticky side up on table.
2. Cut or tear out squares of colored tissue paper. Place as you wish on the contact paper.
Stained Glass Cross
3a. Cut out images of anything from black construction paper, including a frame if you wish.  Add these black silhouettes on top. Some ideas later in this post.
  [or 3b. Wait until after step 4, then draw on the outside of the project with black permanent marker.]
4. Cover entire project with another sheet of contact paper, wrapping around edges to seal.
Stained Glass CrossStained Glass Cross
5. Cut if necessary, then …. Hang in your window!

OR Just color it on paper and hang it!
Mary and Jesus colored by Melissa

Coloring Sheets Perfect for this Craft:
communion_cup_hostMary and Baby Jesusprecious-momentsFor You
NativitySaint Dominic conference-coloring-three-2New HeavenPM Lion and Lamb
fatimaJesus Loves MeSaint Jude - Grayscale to colorbible_coloring_page_TrinityMotherThriceAdmirable-tocolor
communion_of_saints-illuminatedinkmary-and-jesus-coloring-pages-05Jesus-Illuminated InkMary-Jesus mosaic

Thank you to Illuminated Ink for your inspirational drawings, and to all other websites who have offered these wonderful images for coloring!

SILOUHETTES for my suncatchers
Featuring my friends, my family and me!
Our Family sihlouette
A: Using Natural Light = Put a piece of white paper on your window/patio door. Have someone stand outside when the light shines in and trace their shadow onto your paper. Or trace the shadows that appear on your walls.
The-Shadow by Edmund Blair Leighton021105 Discovering Shaddows2
The Shadow painting by Edmund Blair Leighton

B: Using light bulbs = Turn off the lights. Stand in front of a dry erase board and turn on a spot light / desk lamp to cast your shadow on the board. Pose and use props!!! Then Trace! Turn on the light to see your creation and color in!
imagesCA7M89H0Ballet-%20dance-silhouette-clip-artimagesCA8OQO9GimagesCAB277NDimagesCATWF0KWimagesCAUA69H8Princess Silhouette

C: Use computer software = Select the outline of yourself. Fill with area with black and the rest be white. Use the digital eraser to highlight areas of interest, such as a necklace or fabric edge. Add black to enhance your image or add other silhouettes to the picture.
Mikayla PrayingMikayla Praying
100_2463Sabrina Butterfly Silhouette copy

D: Trace someone's shadow on the driveway, then make a whole scene around it from your imagination!
Driveway ArtDriveway Art
Driveway ArtDriveway Art

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