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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Curriculum Plans for 2012-13

I guess we're already approaching that time of year when we plan for the next school year. I can't wrap my head around finishing THIS year! Whether you need ideas for curriculum or want a review, here is what we plan to use for 2012-13. Most of it we buy from Catholic Heritage Curricula at chcweb.com unless listed otherwise.

Grade 5 (Mikayla)
Mikayla sews 1st time
Math: Saxon Homeschool Math 6/5
English Grammar and Writing: Voyages in English 5 [loylapress.com]
Reading: Classic Novels [most found at Target $1]
Spelling: My Catholic Speller D
History: From Sea to Shining Sea, Map Skills E
Science: Behold and See 5, All Things Girl, The Care & Keeping of You [American Girl]
Music: MusIQ Homeschool piano lessons for PC [www.musiqhomeschool.com]
Art: Tea and Cake with the Saints (hospitality), Art with a Purpose 5
Religion (Catholic): Faith and Life Series 5, and A Catholic Garden of Puzzles

Grade 2 (Stanley)
School Days
Math: Saxon Math 2
English Grammar and Writing: Voyages in English 2 [loyolapress.com]
Reading/Phonics: Little Folks Readers and others
Spelling: My Catholic Speller A
Handwriting: New American Cursive Wkbk1 [memoriapress.com]
History: Our Fathers World (continents) [setonbooks.com], Map Skills B
Science: Behold and See 2, Science 2 for Little Folks
Music: MusIQ Homeschool piano lessons for PC [www.musiqhomeschool.com]
Art: Tin Cups and Tinder (outdoor fun), Art With a Purpose 2
Religion (Catholic): Faith and Life Series 2 (1st Holy Communion)

Kindergarten (Sabrina)
Sabrinas Sweet Cakes
Math: Saxon Math K, I Can Find Numbers and Shapes
Phonics: Little Stories for Little Folks
Handwriting: Little Folks Letter and Number Practice, CH Handwriting K
Science: K Science [SetonBooks.com]
Music: (learning basics about rhythm and instruments, traditional songs)
Art: Weekly activities [on CatholicIcing.com]
Religion (Catholic): K Catechism [SetonBooks.com]

Preschool (Jonathan and Eddie)
They can do whatever their hearts' desire…
Eddie Smiles
jonathan fishing

My Mom rocks! Git 'r Done!
Jungle Boppy


Jamie Jo said...

Your kiddos are so cute and have gotten so big!!

I thought you had decided to do the charter school? I think we are going to do Connections Academy (online public school) for Jedi (7th grade next year)

Cute blog template!

Hope things are going good for you, God bless!

Karen said...

OH.MY.GOSH! I loved the pictures of the little ones!

Blessings for a great next year and a quick and painless ending of this year (I think my two years will blur together - ah, to figure out how to go faster this year!)


Kosel Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! I love the little caption for the picture of your little man at the end. Perfect! Just stopping over from Sanctus Simplicitus, I see I have some visitors from your blog. I'll have to spend some more time looking around :) If you need a Catholic homeschool planner for this coming year we just released one that allows planning for home school and the liturgical year. God bless!

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