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Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun School Room Projects

Below are some ideas for tools you can make for your school room, as well as some others I found online.

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Enjoy our morning prayer:

The prayer above is our family prayer I wanted to share with you. We made it up ourselves! It's so simple and gets our kids to recognize that when we say this, it's time to get to it! We sometimes exaggerate to make it a morning stretch.
Dear God [hands folded]
Help me spend today [hands open, giving]
with a Smile on my face [point to a smile]
Love in my heart [hands together over heart]
Joy in his grace [hands up in the air]
and my thinking cap on all day. [Hands on head]
Amen. [Hands folded]

Magnet Day Planner by Melissa

Check out your wholesale store (Sam's Club or Costco) for an inexpensive magnetic dry erase board. Use stickers to add days of the week, and black tape (or permanent marker) to make dividers. Print your time brackets and classes onto cardstock, business card or magnet paper. Put those onto make-your-own magnet business cards and cut out. Add photos of family members to magnet paper and cut out to draw attention to certain people's activities, or just for personalization. Write in the rest with dry erase markers.

Weekly Planner

What Time Is It? flashcards by Melissa

Door Hangers - Things to Do by Melissa
-Print the whole set, then back with colorful cardstock. Add string or cut a hook to hang.

Our Forever Tree by Melissa

Other ideas I've found...

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Alphabet Art by That's My Letter
-delightful artwork created with flashcards

Rubber Band Binder by Macaroni Kid
stretchy band binder
-perfect for all those stretchy headbands that won't stay on my girls heads.

Sight Word Jenga by Education.com
Sight Word Jenga


My Quiet Book cover
My Quiet Book carsMy Quiet Book doll
My Quiet Book by Serving Pink Lemonade

Clothes your clothes book by FortyTwoRoads
Close Your Clothes Book by Forty-Two Roads

color book by waltzing matilda
My Color Book by Charlotte @ Waltzing Matilda

My Colors Quiet Book
My Colors Quiet Book by Everyday Celebrate

Car Massage Shirt
 Car Massage T-Shirt by The Blue Basket

I find a lot of ideas through:

My own Craft Blog:


Jamie Jo said...

Love that car massage T-shirt, perfect gift for Father's day!!!

Karen said...

i love the whiteboard/magnet calendar. I am going to try to do tis one! I have the magnets, now to get a board....

thanks for the ideas

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