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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Everyone Can Help: Chore Charting

Priorities: Those things you need to do before anything else gets done.
Procrastinator: Someone who lets their priorities get put on the backburner, until the last minute arrives. Leaving them anxious.
Homeschooler: A person who's priorities are changed by the minute because LIFE HAPPENS. And they're okay with it.

Chore Chart
There is so much going on here, I need to stay on task. I've revised our successful chore chart to be in order of daily to-dos.

Make Bed & Get Dressed
Eat Breakfast & Brush teeth
School Work & Reading
Playtime & Chores (listed by the day)
Homework Complete
Bedtime 8:30pm
Immediate Obedience
Mommy's Happy Helper

Daily Musts for Sanity and Sanitary needs:
Chore Chart
  • Sunday Service (Good Behavior at Mass)
  • Monday Messes (Major toy cleanup)
  • Tuesday Toilets (Bathroom cleanup)
  • Wash it Wednesday (Wash Floors & Windows, after craft time)
  • Thursday Trash (Get garbage out)
  • Friday Folding (Laundry Day)
  • Saturday Shoe Closet (Entry Way Cleaning)

**Person with name on chart the most gets to pick the next Red Box movie for the weekend, or can opt for the $1 bill. [Mom & Dad not included, or we'd win every time!]
**Jelly Bean Jar - for "Bean Good" (being good).
*Everyone gets a treat for their efforts.
*If someone does their chores all week without being asked, reward them with a date night with mom or dad, a new Nook book, or something special.

A friend of mine also suggested FlyLady.com if you like email reminders and helpful hints. And of course there are many self help books on the subject.

UPDATE 2013:

Here is our current chart which includes chores and what we hope to accomplish each day. The children really like to look and see "who's responsible" for the dishes or laundry that day. It has become part of what we do, without reward. We teach eternal reward and give incentives along the way such as a family movie when the house is sparkling!

My To Do List

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