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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Nativity Ornament Look N Find

I came upon a midnight clear idea while at the craft store. There were these buttons with Christmas and Epiphany characters. They were so sweet, it was inevitable that I should make a craft with them. I am so glad I took a chance on this project.

You'll need:
Plastic Ball Ornament, clear
Nativity/Christmas Character Buttons or ShrinkyDink Minis
  [Michael's: Celebrate It Christmas|Noel or Merry Minis]
Quinoa or other grain/filler
Glitter optional
Hot Glue

First, add the Christmas characters in the ornament. I was relieved that they all fit, especially the camels. The only trouble is that these are one sided, so sometimes they'll be found by the backside which isn't as cute. You could cut off the button loop and glue to sets together back to back.

Use a funnel to add the quinoa/grain/filler and glitter if you'd like. My glitter simply stuck to the insides via static. But it's a festive look!

Finally add hot glue around the opening and carefully replace the closure loop. Add a pretty ribbon bow if you'd like.

Hang on the tree as a surprise gift for your children, godchildren, grandchildren - any busy body. These are also great items to add to your child's tote for Keeping Quiet in the Pew. Simply roll it around in your hands to find each character.

Merry Christmas!

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