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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving Our Christmas Away

National Collection Week Nov 12-19th!
Our family is giving our Christmas away! We've done this in years past, and wanted to share how we are doing it this year. This week is a huge opportunity for you to pack a shoe box, bring a smile to a child somewhere across the world, and bring them the message that Jesus is the greatest gift! Consider spending some or all of your gift money towards gifts for a needy child or family. Whether you support Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan's Purse) or take a name of your church's giving tree - just make the effort to GIVE this year! The blessings to a giving heart bring more joy than any present under your tree.

Veggie Tales pack a shoe box:

Kids Can Make A Difference video

How to pack a box: Click Here
Operation Christmas Child 
We found many items at the Dollar Tree/Target $1/Walmart $1, including crafting items, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toys, hair accessories, candy, sunglasses and more. I wrapped toy animals in mini fleece blankets for something to cuddle. They'd also like socks, hats, sandals, etc. The OCC website has many ideas, but just consider a child and what would be fun to get if you'd never opened a Christmas gift before and had so little!?

Use "All About Me" coloring pages to include in the box, or a personal letter and photo. Our children had a wonderful time filling out this sheet. We also included a Christmas Card and Family Photo.
OCC About Me LetterOCC About Me Letter

Don't forget the Label & Rubber Band!

Drop off boxes at a local drop off center. Locations listed on the website. All boxes will be inspected.

"Give this Christmas Away" Music Video

For children participating, this is an excellent reward for their efforts…
For certificate and other printables click here.

Please comment how you are giving this Christmas!

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