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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Blossoming Summer Vacation

Anyone wondering what I did for Our Forever Tree this summer?

Well, since I love bright colors in the summer and I'm hosting a Luau baby shower, so I added Foam Flowers to my tree.  I got them with my Make Your Own Floral Leis kit from Oriental Trading Co. They fit perfectly!

Summer Decor

Ideas for your summer tree might include:

*Cover your tree with foam, cardstock or silk flowers.

**Add a foam flower every day of the summer until it's in full bloom, later trading it for fall apples.

***Writing on the foam flowers, listing a family activity on each flower. Let kids chose at random for some spontaneous fun ideas! Ideas may include: Visit a Museum, Go to the Park, Swim at a Beach, Visit a Shrine, Stop by Grandmas, Bring a snack to your parish office, Camping in the Backyard…

My kids would peek at each one when I wasn't looking to have their favorites picked the next day! :) If you put them in a basket and add the activity flower as you do them, by the end of the summer they will have a tree blooming with all the things they did on their Summer Vacation!

Since mine are all on the tree, I think I'll write on them as we do something. Then next year, I can reuse them.  So what have we done this summer, thus far? Not finishing up the school books as I had intended… we've done some unschooling instead.

Saw God's Creation, Ate from His bounty, Visited the Sick, Took care of His creatures, frolicked in His ever-changing weather, Slept in His peace, Learned how to do His will, Took care of God's little children, Connected with His Saints, Sat in Wonder of everyday miracles and simple pleasures, Enjoyed others creativity, Honored Our Parents, Treasured our Temple of the Holy Spirit, and Made others Smile! See below…

Coon Rapids DamBenihana
Field Trip to CR Dam / Osprey Lesson, Field Trip to Benihana's Tepenyaki Food,
Mothers DayTaking care of Ginger
Visit Grandma after her Stroke, Take care of a puppy for a week,
Jonathan in the Rain PuddlesPark Day100_6837
Splash in the Rain, Scooters in the Park, Family Sleepover,
MNHE Conference 2012Toms Godson
Catholic Home Educators Conference, Baptism - First Godchild,
4H Woodshop Class Prep4H Woodshop Class
4H Kids Woodshop Class - created/lead by mom and dad,
Albertville FireworksStanley 8th Birthday LEGO
See the fireworks, Visit the Lego Store at MOA,
Fathers Day at ER Art Soup FestivalFathers Day at ER Art Soup Festival
Spent Father's Day at the local Art Soup Festival with Tom's Parents,
Gymnastics - Free TimeGymnastics - Free Time
Joined Gymnastics - the older 4 kids,
Gymnastics - Free Time
Sat in Papa's Seat to watch the others…

Just to name a few!  We also plan to Welcome the newborn, Defend our Faith, Pray for Our Leaders, Visit our Elders and other relatives, Connect with friends old and new, and Share God's love with all we meet.


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