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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Honoring Mary in May

As most of you know, May is dedicated to honoring Mary. Here are some of my ideas how to celebrate and honor her earthly and heavenly life. Most of these crafts are for ages 3-12.

This year we made the Marian Grotto's from Illuminated Ink. [We bought ours at a local store, but the company also sells a 10 pack for a great price online.] We gave one to each grandmother from the children. Not only was it enjoyable to make, but the kids loved making something so beautiful for someone special in their life. The kit includes a great booklet about the history of grottos and Our Lady of … that you chose to make.

My popular blog: Mary's Little Crowns Class includes printables to make a paper Mary Statue, Mother Thrice Admirable rosary to color, Offering Basket, and Marian Princess Crowns. It comes complete with a script and prayer card to print and use for a class.

Our children enjoyed creating this Ave Maria art, using construction paper scraps. It was a great cutting skills project, discussion about color families, Mary's names, crowns and more.

A marshmallow and krispy rice grotto is a fun snack project for toddlers! We used the multicolored rice cereal and toddler star puff snacks.

You can find many more Catholic Crafts on my Pinterest board:

Read about gardening, especially Mary Gardens at this link. In our garden, Mary is surrounded by these perennials and more. This picture is from 2015 at it's peak bloom.

There is a website about Mary Gardens called: Mary Garden of Virginal Consecration, complete with poems and drawings that I think would be a great children's project. It is very through and perfect if you want specific names of plants and their Marian association.
"Snow Angel" Coral Bells,
Pansies or "Our Lady's Delight,"
"Mary's Mantle" [Alchemilla vulgaris]
Bleeding Hearts or "Sacred Heart of Mary."
You might read my: Joyful Mysteries for Homeschoolers  as well as my blog about Illuminating Mysteries. I recommend to print out the Novena to Mary the Mother of God.


We have made "easy to thread" rosaries.

ROSARY HOLDERS are a fun project as well!

Click here for a reflection I once wrote about "Where's Mary?"

The 7 Dolors (Sorrows) of Mary by CatholicTradition.org is a great resource.

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Cecilia said...

This was just wonderful! Thank you for all of these great ideas! God Bless you.

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