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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Countdown to Moving Day

The kids and I had a “fun day” with the empty boxes. I think it lasted a few hours. Here they are playing restaurant.


One box I made especially for the kids is a countdown box, counting down the days until we move. I put in a gift, covered the box with a paper bag, then taped it up real tight. Added an image of a moving truck on front, drawing the numbered squares on the side. They add a card each day (a paper that is printed with a moving box and words/pictures describing what we’re doing that day.) When the last “box” is added to the “moving truck” they get to open it up and there is a surprise gift inside to use at the new house!

Moving CountdownMoving Countdown
Moving Countdown Truck Moving Countdown
On the back I drew the two truck doors. One door said “Leaving from…” and “Moving to…”
They also each have their own backpack that they can add their favorite stuffed animals or other things to, so they don’t get packed up.

When I left the box castle/restaurant, they grabbed the camera and put on their best silly faces and put on a dance show. I so love that they are home for us to share this time together. It makes packing harder, but the memories of it all are worth it. We are learning so much… about each other!


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