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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paper Dolls

Mikayla (age 7) and I (age 30) spent hours clipping words, colors and people from magazines for various projects. Tom just smiled at me as I clipped away.


One fun thing we came upon was these ladies that were perfect for free paper dolls. Even though the arms and clothes aren’t positioned ideally, she is having a blast! I guess this is a “green” project. :) I’ll post our other projects soon.

Here are some Paper Doll printables I’ve found online.
Paper Girl from Wee Wonderfuls
Princess Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog
More Disney Paper Princesses and characters
Paper Doll Land
Betsy McCall Paper Dolls - using fashion from each year of sewing patterns!
More Betsy McCall dolls

My girls really enjoy playing with their American Girl paper dolls they got in their McDonald’s Happy Meals awhile back. One of my favorite McD toys for girls thus far. American Girl has a virtual paper doll online, which you can print out when you are done. You can click here to print out a few more of these girls by another artist.

Here are some Football players for the boys!
As well as Caillou and Rosie dolls for younger boys.

Here are some beautiful Paper Doll Saints to purchase
– we have St. Therese.

I am simply amazed at what I was able to find online. Just type in “Paper Doll Printables” in any search engine.


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