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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our School Plans 2008-09

Everyone is enjoying sharing their school plans, I thought I'd share mine too!

This is a sample day. I added subject magnets to my weekly chart to help me keep track of time and to help the kids learn about the concept of time and sticking to a schedule.

6:30am Mommy Time (prayer, exercise, primping and pruning, you know)
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Prayer Time, Pledge of Allegiance, Circle Time, Imagination Exercise
9:30am School Day part 1: Religion, Math, Phonics/Reading, Spelling
12:00pm Lunch Break, Chores, Physical Education
2:00pm School Day part 2: Handwriting, English, Music, Prayer
Tue & Thur adds= History (Odd # Weeks) / Science (Even # Weeks)
5:00pm Supper, Family Time
9:00pm Bedtime

Wednesdays are cut down to basic classes and add an art hour to make time for our Wednesday Walk in the Park and Library Day.

- all times are subject to change without further notice :)
We chose to purchase the curriculum and books provided by Seton Home Study, just as my mother did for my younger siblings (now 13 & 20) and our own trial with PreK and K which went wonderfully. Yet, we added the following books for supplemental material to personalize the program. And because I found a lot of neat stuff at the MN conference and online. I also prefer the CHC materials for preschool rather than Seton's.

First Grade:
Seton Home Study 1st grade complete set of books and lesson plans
CHC Little Stories for Little Folks (phonics/reading supplement)
A Treasure Chest of Catholic Traditions for families for living the liturgical year.
MagnifiKid issues for Sunday religion
A Liturgical Calendar
We will make our own version of a Comprehension Book & Nature Book (link if you want to buy one)Phonics flash cards including: Picture Sorting and Word Sorting

Handwriting Without Tears ®
CHC Little Folks Number Practice
CHC Little Folks Letter Practice

Super-Book Preschool Activities
Usborne Farmyard Books: Things to Make and Do (if I can find it)

Some Other Supplemental Materials:
Homeschool Family Fitness program for K-12
Piano Lessons by me: Alfred's Sacred Course, Catholic Hymns for the Young Pianist
Cortler & Piscitelli's series of books for children (10 Comm, Mass, Mary, Acts of Grace)
Sea Life Art & Activities by Judy Press

Our First Day of School - Tuesday Sept 2, 2008
Will include a ritual height measurement, pictures (labeled w/info), and fingerprinting.
We will just browse all the books for the year, and ask the kids what they want to do.
Then together we bake some cookies from scratch (I'm a toll house fridge pack girl).
And whatever I come up in the next few days!

Spirit of God, fill our hearts with a desire to seek truth and rejoice in beauty. Help us to know what is pleasing to you and to understand what is right and good in your sight. Give us the spirit of learning that we may please you by our thoughts and love you in your creation. Give all teachers your constant encouragement and guide them in their good work. Spirit of God, make us effective witnesses of your truth to all whose lives we touch. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.

Weekly Themes At A Glance
Week 1 Sept 1-5, 2008: Getting Started
Week 2 Sept 8-12: What’s Cooking?
Week 3 Sept 15-19: Triumph over Pain and Sorrow
Week 4 Sept 22-26: Collecting Things
Week 5 Sept 29-Oct 3: Angels & Sacrifices
Week 6 Oct 6-10: The Rosary & 10 Commandments
Week 7 Oct 13-17: Recycling
Week 8 Oct 20-24: The World From My View
Week 9 Oct 27-31: Special Intentions
Week 10 Nov 3-7: Saints started out just like you.
Week 11 Nov 10-14: Our Freedom & Free Will
Week 12 Nov 17-21: Charity & Being Grateful
Week 13 Nov 24-26 (Mon-Wed): Gathering in Thanksgiving
Week 14 Dec 1-5: Waiting/Advent
Week 15 Dec 8-12: Miracles
Week 16 Dec 15-19: Giving & Receiving and Christmas
Week 17 Jan 5-9: Blessings
Week 18 Jan 12-16: Using our hands
Week 19 Jan 19-23: Our Reflection
Week 20 Jan 26-30: I Got Rhythm
Week 21Feb 2-6: Finding our Direction – God’s Will & His Graces
Week 22 Feb 9-13: Divine Love
Week 23 Feb 16-20: Authority of the Catholic Church
Week 24 Feb 23-27: Preparing Ourselves for Heaven
Week 25 Mar 2-6: Sacrifices
Week 26 Mar 9-13: Unity
Week 27 Mar 16-20: Bread of Life
Week 28 Mar 23-27: Decisions
Week 29 Mar 30-Apr 3: Living Life to the Fullest
Week 30 Apr 6-8: Holy Week
Week 31 Apr 13-17: Easter
Week 32 Apr 20-24: This is the Day!
Week 33 Apr 27 – May1: On Fire for the Lord
Week 34 May 4-8: How do we get there?
Week 35 May 11-15: Comprehension
Week 36 May 18-22: LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!


Jamie said...

Holy Cow! You continue to amaze me! Your schedule sounds wonderful!! (our bedtime is a little earlier though, Nicholas is able to stay up til 9 if it's been a good day, he likes to read in bed, but the girls are between 8 and 8:30pm)

When is your computer time? That is where I am going to struggle, I think, because I want to exercise instead, but want to blog too...

I have 5 years of Mailbox bi-monthly magazine. I used it for daycare. It's a great magazine for ideas!! That Fishing Pond store has lots of books like that there too.

We also used those CHC Little Stories for Katherine last year along with Seton's phonic/English Kindergarten program. She loved them!!

We got HOmeschool Family Fitness through CHC too, I really like it. It seems easy to test and do drills and lots of ideas for games!
We could do some things together, if you want. In the past we have gone to a soccer field and played and ran around, had races etc. It's fun, because we have the whole field to ourselves!!

We also have Fun Family Fitness for the home, that is good for those 20 below zero winter days!

Your schedule looks super!! You have everything planned out so great!! Good job Melissa!

I just had a brainstorm this morning to have a "orientation night" with daddy. We will bake cookies today and have cookies and milk, go in the school room and look over everything, take each subject out, write names on everything, etc...I don't know...it's also library day!

Journey of Truth said...

Great schedule! I wish you all the best on this year of adventure!

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