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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Catholic Easter Plans

After a  month of sacrifice, prayer, fasting and alms giving.... we realize that it wasn't so hard and we could really do it year round. I certainly hope so, as that is the whole idea isn't it? Changing ourselves for the better, bringing us closer to lives of holiness and full of grace. So with all this newfound joy, we celebrate!

Homegrown Catholics: Easter PlansHomegrown Catholics: Easter Plans

We Light up our Easter Tree
2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0002
This is made from a light up tree, adding silk flowers on the ends for a cherry blossom look. Conceal cord in the vase with faux eggs and embellish vase with vinyl stickers. There are many holiday decorations in our home. You can follow our everyday moments on Facebook.

We take the Crosses We Bear and turn them into Rosary Hangers
2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0003Rosary Hangers
  Ask your children to carry a wooden cross with them for the Lent or Holy Week. At times it will be hard or bothersome. It may get worn, dented, scratched or colored on. When asked to do something, they take their “cross” with them and offer it up. When they are wondering if they should do something questionable, such as watch a tv program, they need to ask themselves - “Would Jesus want to do this with me?” If the answer is no, then stop.

  At Easter, we will take a good look at our crosses and talk about it. Then we will grab bright paints, painting our crosses to look bright and new as Jesus’ body on Easter morning when he rose from the dead. Attach hooks near the bottom and use these as rosary hangers.

" When you carry a Rosary, Satan has a headache.
When you use it, he collapses.
When he sees you praying it, he faints."

Paschal Candle with Crown of Thorns changed into a King's Crown!
If you made a salt-dough crown of thorns, Easter is the perfect time to paint it up bright for a centerpiece. We added tissue paper lilies and a paschal candle.

Sacrifice Beans turn into Jelly Beans!
 The one visitor the night before Easter we do have is Jesus. He comes to see our Sacrifice Jar full of dried beans, one for each good deed or sacrifice we made during Lent. Jesus replaces all those beans with sweet jelly beans, a sweet reward for our efforts. Perhaps a spring bunny may tag along and leave a few treats around the hosue to find too!

We read from the 50 Days of Easter Tree
Plastic eggs hang from Our Forever Tree, numbered 1-50 and holding scriptures. (Treats are no longer inside because little ones figured it out and raided the eggs.) As we open an egg a day, we read the scripture and everyone gets a simple treat.

We've had an Easter Bunny Lesson
We’re preparing for Easter and Spring. The season and religious celebration got smooshed together at some point in time, so I wanted to talk to the kids tonight about the uniqueness of each, and what makes them blend so perfectly. Many of us have heard that Spring is about new life, and that is just what Jesus gave us when he died on the cross and rose from the dead. He made all things new, and gave us hope of a new life with Him. We used these foam bunnies, crosses and lilies along with cotton balls, jelly beans and puff paint to create a visual of the combination of Spring and Easter. They turned out quite well for an impromptu craft!
Start with the Rabbit
and read The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
Add the Cross
and talk about Jesus’ Passion.
Add the Lilies
and read about His Resurrection!
Glue on a pink Jelly Bean nose
and discuss the sweetness of God’s Mercy.
Fluff 3 cotton balls, and talk about how Jesus
opened the Gates of Heaven for us
so we can be with Him for all eternity!
or just let them put stickers everywhere!

We also do Traditional Easter Baskets, Dying Eggs and An Egg Hunt

Homegrown Catholics: Easter Baskets 
Each year I do something different for their Easter Baskets. Usually I like to get them a new pail for their sandbox or carrying their favorite toys around. Inside is treats, socks, a toy, new crayons, or maybe a new Christian/Catholic movie. Simple - I like simple and homemade if possible.

Homegrown Catholics: Easter Egg Hunt
Color coded Easter Egg Hunts are the best. Everyone collects the color egg that matches their basket. Everyone has the same number of eggs, so it's fair and easy to account for missing eggs. There is one Golden Egg that has a bonus gift including cash and other treasures.

Homegrown Catholics: Easter Plans
I'm crafty, but I have a hard time with messes. Depending upon my mood, we either get colored eggs or devilled eggs. I'm hoping this year I'll be up to trying naturally dyed eggs. This picture was my first time dying eggs with my firstborn.

Here's some ideas we've gathered from other sources!

See so much more on our Lent & Holy Week Pinterest board.

- Biblewise.com has a lot to say about "resurrecting" or "restoring life to" ourselves spiritually and emotionally. Decide now what old thoughts do we have to purge about ourselves that don't reflect the beautiful life God gave us. What fruitful activities can we do daily to spiritually restore us? What can we do for others to help them become resurrected? Click here to read more and get great ideas: Resurrection Month: Make a Difference

- Familia Catolica used my idea for a Mini Stations of the Cross. On Easter, she replaces all the pictures with the image of the Risen Christ and white ribbons!


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